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Clacton Bathroom & Kitchen Centre has been a respectable company in the Clacton on Sea area for over 15 years. We have 4,100sq feet of showroom display area...

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Omega kitchens are British made and beautiful, due to the excellent range of choice and finishes available. They are affordable too, with six price groups being offered so you can pick a kitchen that is the right amount for you! Omega kitchens come with a five year product guarantee, giving you that extra piece of mind when buying your kitchen. They are categorised under three different sections; Shaker, Modern and Traditional. Shaker kitchens have proven very popular over the last few years, and are available in many colours and textures. A modern kitchen is what everybody would like, to keep up to date with fashion, and for that ‘wow’ factor. Omega kitchens can offer you this, as well as those important extras such as having an ‘island’, or statement handles! Last but by far least, omega traditional kitchens are timeless. They have always proven popular with any generation, and the attention to detail is what really makes this style of kitchen stand out.

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