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Clacton Bathroom & Kitchen Centre has been a respectable company in the Clacton on Sea area for over 15 years. We have 4,100sq feet of showroom display area...

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Embrace have a beautiful collection of bedroom furniture that we sell here at CBC. They have a massive 20 different ranges available, each different and unique in style and finish. These ranges are timeless, due to them being varying shades of white, cream, wood effect and oak. These colours will never go out of fashion, and will always look good as bedroom furniture! Embrace also sell sliding wardrobe doors for that modern touch in your bedroom, and have 10 ranges you can pick from with this design!

We sell furniture from as large as walk in wardrobes, to as small as a bedside cabinet. With the storage inside you can create your own space, whether you prefer multiple hanging rails, or an array of shelves! Embrace will sell many finishing touches for your bedroom furniture. These can include mirrors for your wardrobe doors, pull-out shoe racks and of course handles.

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